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Post by Admin on Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:56 am

So a bit confused on what to write when looking for a player or a group? here are a couple of helping questions to get you started.

What kind of table would I like to run? is it a hardcore serious one or am I fairly flexible on the rulings?

Any restrictions? Do you want everyone to play as an orc, is your world set in a place that there aren't as many races to choose from, can only be good or evil?

How often are you looking at playing?

What kind of player would you like to sit at your table and do they need experience at all?

What is the story of your world? just a basic synopsis will do, is it a zombie killing adventure or is it a political nightmare with intrigue and subtlety?

What kind of campaign do I most enjoy?

Location, where is it being played?

Any personal restrictions? Having work 3 nights a week.

If you start at these places it will help narrow down potential candidates. As well as provide you more hits, the more information you can give the more confident someone will feel in giving you a spot or playing at your table.


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