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Stories to get you started

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:16 pm

Here is a place to gather around the campfire, sing some songs and tell of the most glorious adventures you have all had. To start us off I will post a very quick story of my first ever game of dungeons and dragons.

So myself and a few friends were really keen to learn how to play. I knew everyone but the DM so it was a good situation for someone who was a bit shy. The night started out slow as we created characters and some peple turned up late. The DM was helping us out but he wanted to use the random generated stats, which was okay but did not allow for any re rolls. Me being new thought this was normal so I ran with it. My first character was a half elven paladin. He was glorious, the random generator made him 30kg and was around 7'3 tall. Fair to say the image in my head was hilarious. We had already picked out our roles in the group and as a paladin I was going to be the tank. Now we were playing 5E so people don't get confused when I say these next numbers. We rolled the stats, 14 for strength. That wasn't too bad, 13 for dexterity. Again not too shabby. 4 for constitution... Now this wasn't the worst of it because normally that left me with 6 health, I can live with that I thought. The DM didn't tell us he was playing a homebrew rule of all negative modifiers were doubled. Cue more poor lanky paladin being knocked to 2 HP before the game had started. I did have a 19 for charisma so that was nice.

Anyway story went on and we were given a task to search some caves as some food had gone missing from the town recently. The dm gave us no time to haggle but allowed us to buy gear and stuff. We all chipped in for a cart and basic rations. A friend of mine who we will call John, decided no he was going right to town, he took all his money and bought off the bat a +2 greatsword as he wanted to play a greatsword ranger. Again random generated money.

So we left town and eventually found a cave which as we entered we soon found out was home to some rather nasty kobolds. Now I managed to get a few on me and they kept missing, but there was so many I wasn't able to keep them all on me and a few of my allies got knocked down. Now my friend John, saw it was down to me, him and our ranger who was not having the best dice rolls to hit. He literally runs at the group jumps in the middle screaming his characters name and wipes out 2 in one swing, eventually we got down to the last one as some had fled. This poor lone guy looked at John as he swung down on the kobold, dealing the guy 36 damage. The Kobold was atomised right there on the spot.

The last funny thing I can remember in the campaign was, we eventually fought the chieftain of the kobolds who was a huge guy and as I have come to know now was a little overpowered for lv 1 characters he swung 2 hand axes which had a +9 to hit and average damage was like 8-12. The thing is that should have been death to a paladin with 2 HP. He never landed a hit, after the combat we decided it was my charisma which was my true defence, I may have been very tall with no weight but darn I was beautiful.

Anyway after all that I look forward to hearing what stories all you can come up with on your journies.


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