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The rules for the forum are easy to follow, if you are caught not abiding by the rules you will be given a warning. If found guilty of it again you may find yourself banned from the page.

The rules are here for the enjoyment and safety of all those commenting and enjoying the website.
1. There will be no overuse of foul language. This is a family friendly site, while what we play things might get a bit gory at times in the retelling of a story there are plenty of ways to say it without using foul language.

2. Age appropriate material, this site is available for all age groups so at times we will have children visiting. I would appreciate if everyone bore this in mind when they post.

3. No exclusion, it is perfectly fine to let someone down gently if they do not fit your group or you would rather not play in that group but active harassment or open exclusion is completely against what this site was set up to do and will not be tolerated.

4. Do not spam, this one is a minor rule but to aid the admins in keeping a clean forum we ask you not to span your requests. If people have not responded right away give it time or bump your original post to the top by commenting bump.

5. The last one is simple, treat everyone with respect. If someone is itching for a fight, walk away and trust the admins will handle it. We want this place to be a safe environment for you all and to do this it takes some work from us and from you. Not everyone will get on and that's okay but we just ask you respect the difference in opinion and move on.

I hope you all are enjoying your time and I look forward to seeing what you all get up to in your games soon


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